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Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Bra Chain

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SKU E28452
  • 100% adjustable! The collection's chains can be adapted to your body with their adjustable clasp
  • Enhances the female form. Small chains that embrace your body, highlighting your most sensual areas
  • Play without problems! The chains are nickel-free so won't cause allergic reactions
  • Summer Festival Look! Trends start out on alternative runways. Set the trend with Magnifique!

Bra-shaped body chains to wear with your favourite looks, lingerie or bare skin alone. Accessories inspired by the New York cabaret dancers of the 1920s: non-conformist, sensual and striking women...

How to use it:

- TIPS: Perfect worn over or under clothes, letting the little chains show where your skin peeps through

- Place the accessory over your clothes, lingerie or on bare skin. Or try all three options on the same day – remember that Magnifique can be worn as both fashion and erotic accessories

- Place the accessory over your neck. - Like a bikini top, place the two triangles over your breasts

- Wrap the two longest chains around your waist. You can tighten or loosen them thanks to the adjustable clasp