EXS Air Thin Condoms 12 Pack


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  • 12 extra-thin natural feel condoms
  • Made from a latex material
  • The world’s thinnest condom (0.045 mm)
  • Featuring a flared nipple tip
  • Size: Regular/ Nominal Width: 56 mm

Designed to provide users with the most pleasurable experience, the EXS Air thin condoms are the world’s thinnest! At an impressive 0.045 mm thick, these one of a kind condoms are so thin, you’ll barely even notice they’re there. 

Whist still providing the high level of protection that you expect from the EXS brand, these condoms make sex safe and extremely sensuous with their natural feel. 

Perfect for eco-conscious users, these outstanding condoms are Vegan friendly so there’s no need to compromise your beliefs for pleasure. This vegan alternative is also gentle against your skin and is made from a comfortable latex material, making it easy to use. 

This multi-pack includes 12 condoms each with a flared nipple tip for extra comfort and for ease of fitting. The EXS Air Thin condoms have been specially developed by the BSI (British Standards Institute) and also has the CE mark for reassurance that this product is safe and reliable.

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