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System JO Oral Delight Arousal Gel 30 ml - Vanilla Thrill

SKU E25370

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Water based arousal gel

Bottle Type



30 ml


Cooling/tingling sensation, vanilla flavoured

Vanilla Thrill Oral Delight Arousal Gel by System JO


Indulge in the sweet taste of oral play with the Oral Delight Arousal Gel from System Jo. Making giving and receiving more pleasurable for both partners, this water-based lubricant has been gently flavoured with vanilla, for a classic yet appetising taste.

Formulated with a tri-blend menthol source, this arousal gel provides users with long lasting cooling and tingling sensations- for added arousal and enduring pleasure during intimacy. This product comes in a squeeze top bottle which allows the thickened gel to be applied with ease. Perfect for use during foreplay, this gel doesn’t drip or run and is free from parabens and L-arginine.