EXS Delay Endurance Condoms 12 Pack


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  • Designed to make you last longer during play
  • Made from a natural latex rubber material
  • Coated in a water-based lubricant
  • British Standard Kitemark & CE Mark
  • Size: Regular / Nominal Width: 53 mm

Improve your sexual performance as the EXS Delay Endurance Condoms are designed to help you last longer during sex. Each condom is coated in a water-based lubricant and features a 1% Lidocaine anaesthetic lubricant on the inside. Simply massage the lubricant into the head of the penis for a slightly numbing effect, which allows you to please your partner for longer.

Delay climax and improve your performance as you take the time to get to know what your partner likes. Whether you are buying these for yourself or for a lover these mutually beneficial condoms are ideal for increasing pleasure and endurance.

Providing the high level of protection that you expect from the EXS brand, these condoms make sex safe and extremely sensuous with their natural feel. Made from a natural rubber latex, these thoroughly tested condoms have an impressive wall thickness of 0.07 mm making them both durable and thin for increased sensitivity during use.

Perfect for eco-conscious users, these outstanding condoms are Vegan friendly so there’s no need to compromise your beliefs for pleasure. This vegan alternative is also gentle against your skin and is coated with a silicone lubricant for added sensation.

This multi-pack includes 12 condoms each with a flared tip for extra comfort and for ease of fitting. The Delay Endurance Condoms have been certified with the British Standards Kitemark and the CE mark for reassurance that this product is safe and reliable.

With a nominal width of 53 mm these condoms are regular in size and designed to fit most penises.

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