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Sex Marks The Spot Board Game


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Water Sun and shade Video play misting





30 Forfeit Cards featuring 180 sexy challenges in 6 categories

30x Sex Cards - sexy scenarios for steamy in-game action!

Featuring the board, dice, counters and a how to play guide

50x Score Sheets - The key to your hidden pleasure!

Sexcuse me cards- To avoid or reverse a sticky situation


Designed to Tease Yourself Until you Climax with an Orgasmic End

Sex Marks The Spot Board Game By Creative Conceptions

Hit the spot every time with the Sex Marks The Spot Board Game. Manoeuvre your way around the board and encounter a variety of sexy surprises and arousing suggestions. Gather X’s and O’s as you journey to discover your wildest fantasies.

Uncover new truths as you get to know your playmate on a whole new level! Featuring 30 forfeit cards and 180 sexy challenges, tease yourselves to climax until you reach an orgasmic end. 

This product includes a fold out game board, x2 8 sided dice and x1 how to play guide and is easy to navigate- for endless hours of fun as well as some naughty surprises along the way.