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Sex Marks The Spot Board Game

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Game Includes:

  • 30x Forfeit Cards - 180 sexy challenges spread over 6 categories
  • 30x Sex Cards - sexy scenarios for steamy in-game action!
  • 50x Score Sheets  - The key to your hidden pleasure!
  • 2x Sexcuse Me Cards - special tokens to avoid or reverse a sticky situation
  • 4x 'Sex It Up' Markers - to create in-game portals of pleasure
  • 1x Fold Out Game Board - the pleasure map to navigate your naughtiness
  • 2x Playing Counters
  • 2x 8-Sided Dice
  • 1x How To Play Guide


Sex Marks The Spot is a game of chance where all roads lead to romance...and raunchiness! Navigate across a grid loaded with erotic surprises and sexy suggestions, picking up X's and Oh's in a quest to unlock your favourite fantasy, ahead of your partner's.

Each square reveals a little more about each other, as you explore like never before. The prospect of an orgasmic finale is on the cards for the winner, in a game where pleasure, is the ultimate treasure.