FemmeFit Advanced Pelvic Muscle Training Kegal Balls Set of 3

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  • Non-porous silicone for easy cleaning
  • Helps treat urinary incontinence
  • leads to more intense orgasms
  • Accelerate the recovery of the vagina after giving birth
  • Weights: 125g - 165g - 200g

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with the FemmeFit Advanced Pelvic Muscle Training Kegel Balls Set of 3. This advanced set is perfect for users with previous experience as these heavy weights require a tight clench to hold them up. 

Start with the training set and work your way up as you build up your pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises help users to achieve more intense orgasms as well as aiding with urinary incontinence. Great to use after birth, these Kegel balls will help you regain strength and confidence within yourself, which enables you to gain control over your body again.

Made from a Non-porous silicone material, these accessories are ideal for accelerating your recovery after birth and are easy to clean.  Simply wash this product with soap and lukewarm water. For thorough hygiene, you can then follow up with a few sprays of disinfectant toy cleaner. For more comfort during insertion, pair this product with high quality water-based lubricant.

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