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Fun Factory The OHHH Box


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Water Sun and shade Video play misting


Number of Pieces



3 Best Selling Toys, Lubricant, Cleaner and 2 Toy Bags

Main Materials

Silicone & ABS


Targeted Clitoral Stimulation, Thrusting, and Vibration

The OHHH Box By Fun Factory

Good things come in threes and the OHHH Box definitely doesn’t disappoint. Featuring three of Fun Factories best-selling toys, this convenient collection of accessories has been expertly picked to offer you the very best of the range. Including all the extras you need to get up to some seriously good fun, this arousing collection of accessories provides you with endless hours of pleasure.

Ideal for foreplay, this bundle provides powerful clitoral stimulation and cutting edge pulse vibe action ( thrusting + vibration) for exceptional vaginal pleasure every time. Whether you’re playing alone or with a partner, there’s something to suit your every mood with this sultry selection of toys.

Including the Sundaze, Volta and Be One, the OHHH box features all your favourite accessories in one unique package.  Accompanied by the Toyfluid lubricant and cleaner, this box has everything you need to maintain the condition of your toys whilst still maintaining maximum satisfaction.

Vibrate, pulsate, tap and thrust your way to climax as you discover new avenues of arousal. The Sundaze Pulse Vibe provides hands-free pleasure as it thrusts deep inside and stimulates the nerve endings. Whilst The Volta is a strong vibrator with two tapping tips for heightened sensitivity. Engineered to maximize clitoral stimulation, the intense vibrating sensation takes sensitivity and arousal up to the highest level.

The perfect companion for solo play, the Be One is ideal for adding an extra spark of excitement during foreplay. Simply slip it between your fingers or labia and indulge in the lavish sensations of this accessory.

These products can be quickly and easily cleaned with a little soap and lukewarm water. For thorough hygiene, you can then follow up with a few sprays of disinfectant toy cleaner. As an extra, this box also includes  2 Toy Bags (XS + M) all wrapped up in a luxurious gift box.