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Le Wand Original Silicone Texture Covers 2 Pack

by Le Wand

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  • Designed to fit easily over your wand vibrator
  • Featuring the droplet & spiral textures
  • Made from 100% body safe silicone
  • Easy to clean & reusable
  • 2 pack

Make self pleasure even more magical with the Original Silicone Texture Covers from Le Wand. Specifically designed to add a whole new realm of sensation to play, each of these unique accessories feature either the droplet or spiral pattern for an intensely mesmeric feel.

Made from 100% body-safe silicone, these textured covers gently brush against your sweet spots and provide varied sensations which are perfect for helping you reach climax. Simply slip the covers onto the head of your wand and experience the rousing feel that this impressive product provides.

These unique covers can also be used to protect your wand and are compatible with the Original Le Wand massager only. The super-soft material is gentle against your skin, allowing you to enjoy a vigorous session without any friction or discomfort.

The Le Wand Silicone Attachments are nonporous and easy to clean. Designed to be reusable for future play, this product can be cleaned with a little soap and warm water. After each use, remove and wash this accessory then leave it to air dry before storage.

For added pleasure, pair this product with your favourite water-based lubricant.