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Manbound Clean and Dirty Shower Step

SKU SS950-93

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Water Sun and shade Video play misting


Compatible With

Any shower set up




Easy mounting suction cup

Clean and Dirty Shower Step by Manbound

Making shower sex more comfortable than ever, the Clean and Dirty Shower Step enables you to get a leg up on pleasure. Perfect for users who enjoy a steamy shower session, this accessory attaches to the wall, enables you to get a firm grip and allows you to indulge in safe yet sensuous play.

Designed with a suction cup base, this accessory attaches easily to any flat or smooth surface. Simply press the step firmly against the wall, flip the locking lever down and activate the secure suction that this product provides.

The Manbound shower step is ideal for couples looking to experiment with a wide range of sexual positions. Use this sensual accessory in the bath or shower when things heat up and indulge in a hot and lustful night.