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Set of Two Prompt Dice


Dice Specify Either Body Part/Location and Action, Perfect For Spicing Things Up

Kinky Dice By Pillow Talk

Getting your hands on the Kinky Dice from Pillow Talk is one gamble that’s bound to pay off. Unlike a regular set of dice, you won’t find yourself waiting to roll a six; with the kinky dice from Pillow Talk, on every roll you’re guaranteed to get lucky. 

Perfect for spicing things up in the bedroom, simply roll the dice to see what they have in store for you. Each side of the first dice features a body part or location, while the second dice decides the action. Simply shake and roll the dice for some fun exploratory action.

The Kinky Dice are a great way to strip things back and really get to know your partner’s body. These unintimidating dice are also a fun gift idea and are a great way to introduce bedroom accessories to your sex life. Whether you’re wanting to be more creative in the bedroom or just want to spice things up a bit, letting the dice decide is a great place to start.