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Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Sling

SKU E29842

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Water Sun and shade Video play misting



50% polyurethane, 20% EPE stuffing, 15% polypropylene, 8% polyurethane foam, 4% ABS plastic, 3% nickel-free metal


Thigh Supports


Adjustable length and straps fit up to 32inch thighs


Vegan Friendly with a soft neck pillow to give you support in your favourite positions

Saffron Thigh Sling By Sportsheets

Indulge in thigh-high pleasure with the Saffron Thigh Sling from Sportsheets. Designed to make your favourite position more comfortable, this accessory supports the weight of your legs so you can indulge in the irresistible feel of deep penetration.

This easy-to-use sling features soft neck and leg rests that provide you with comfortable cushioning as you lean back. Whilst the adjustable tethers use your body weight to keep your legs securely propped up.

Beneficial for both you and your lover, the Saffron Thigh Sling allows you both to indulge in hands free play; enabling your partner to focus on delivering deep, vigorous trusts. The neck rest also provides you with an unobstructed view allowing you to see more than ever before.

Made from a vegan-friendly PU leather material this product is easy to clean with a little mild soap and water. Designed to fit up to 32 inch thighs, this accessory fits a wide range of sizes.