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Fetish Fun Board Game


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Water Sun and shade Video play misting



2 Players


20 cards, 1 dice & 2 playing pieces


Over 65 Actions to Introduce the World of Fetish and Bondage to Your Sex Life

Fetish Fun Board Game By Creative Conceptions

Introduce the world of fetish and bondage to your sex life with the Fetish Fun Board game. Ideal for users who are looking to explore their kinks further, this game enables you to live out your wildest fantasies.

Roll the dice and navigate your way around the board to discover the world of restriction, spanking and role-play! There’s no need to roll a six to get lucky in this game as each card suggests a variety of actions, so you can be as brave and explorative as you dare.

Discover risky actions and fun fetish facts as you go further than you would usually dare to go. This thrilling board game is sure to fulfil your every urge as you make your way to a painfully pleasing climax.

This game includes 20 cards, 1 dice and 2 playing pieces. Featuring 65 actions, this product is a fun way to turn up the heat in the bedroom.