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Fun Factory Smartballs Duo Kegal Balls Grape & White


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  • Increases sensitivity for greater sensation during sex 
  • Recommended by professionals for post-natal exercises
  • Tapered for easy insertion
  • Made from a medical grade silicone material
  • Length: 3.5 inch/ Diameter: 1 inch & 1.5 inches

Train smarter with the Fun Factory Smartballs Duo Kegel Balls. Ideal for strengthening your internal walls, wear this accessory to tighten and tone for increased sensitivity during sex. Featuring a tapered design these Kegel balls are easy to insert, simply add a touch of your favourite water based lubricant and clench to keep the weighted balls firmly in place.

Designed with a retrievable band these Kegel balls are easy to remove. Once your Kegel exercises are complete, gently tug on the retrieval band and the Smartballs should just slip right out. If inserted correctly the Smartballs should hardly be felt, allowing for comfortable and effective wear.

This discreet accessory has been cleverly designed with constant and almost soundless rotating inner balls that work with everyday movements to set off muscle contractions- thereby strengthening the pelvic floor. Ideal for regular use, these Smartballs are most effective in short yet consistent bursts, for no longer than 30 minutes at a time. 

Recommended by professionals, these Smartballs offer a range of benefits including; preventing incontinence, maintaining sexual health and strengthening your internal walls for better sex. This accessory is also perfect for post-natal exercises, aiding users in recovery after childbirth.

Smartballs Duo are quickly and easily cleaned with a little soap and lukewarm water. For thorough hygiene, you can then follow up with a few sprays of disinfectant toy cleaner. Do not wear for longer than 30 minutes at a time.