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Pillow Talk Metal Urethral Stretcher, CBT Device

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  • 2 adjustable L shape sticks for insertion
  • Stainless Steel Stretch up to 20 millimetres
  • L shape adjust stick (L) 45 millimetres
  • Size: Ring inner (D) 31 millimetres

Intensify erotic stimulation with this metal urethral stretcher, great for those wanting to test their limits in the bedroom. Insert this urethral stretching toy by carefully sliding the two bars into the urethral opening, slide the toy down the penis as you slowly stretch open, your shaft is locked into position inside the metal glans penis ring.

If you dare, relinquish control to your partner to enjoy some brutal BDSM play. Control the balance between pain and pleasure with this urethral play device by simply twisting the handles to stretch and intensify your thrill.

This urethral stretcher is made from Stainless Steel and stretches up to 20 millimetres for those that can handle it, creating exhilarating sensations.