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Water Sun and shade Video play misting



2 Players


Board, Cards, Dice and Hoops


Over 65 Actions in Each Game to Wet Your Oral Appetite

Oral Fun Board Game By Creative Conceptions

Wet your appetite as you work your way around the sensuous Oral fun Board Game. Designed to provide the ultimate oral pleasure, this erotic game includes over 65 actions so you can get down and dirty with your lover.

The board features a variety of suggestive symbols, each relating to a naughty category on the game guide. Featuring fun trivia and arousing actions, this exhilarating game takes you on a journey of lust and laughter.

A fun way to spice up your sex life, this game strikes the perfect balance between giving and receiving. The ideal way to explore oral pleasure- give this intimate game as a gift or keep it all to yourself. Experience all things oral and tease your partner’s body, only stopping when you reach a blissful finish at square 69!