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Cock Ring Style

Unique 3 ring design




Thick & strong



Clear Tri-Sport Cocksling by Oxballs

Modelled on the traditional metal tri-cockrings, Oxballs’ innovatively designed Tri-Sport Cocksling fits snugly around your testicles and shaft for a truly memorable experience. Featuring three attached cockrings, this product enhances your bulge, tugs on your testicles and enlarges your penis thanks to its unique and satisfying design.

Featuring everything you loved about the traditional metal tri-cockrings, the Tri-Sport is made from a super-soft Flex-TPR material, which is gentler on your skin compared to its metal counterparts. Thanks to its flexible design, this product stretches to suit your needs and is suitable to fit a wide range of sizes. The TPR material also prevents pinching allowing you to wear this accessory without discomfort while you indulge in the many sensations that it provides.

Perfect for long wear, this product has been especially designed with your comfort in mind and offers a truly unique and tailored experience with every use. Wear this accessory throughout the day to display your pronounced bulge or during more intimate moments to explore the full range of benefits that this product boasts.

Ideal for sustaining harder and longer erections, this accessory helps to keep your member firm and upright. Perfect for solo and couples play this accessory is beneficial for both you and a partner as you both experience its satisfying and fulfilling perks during play. Clean this item quickly and easily with a little soap and lukewarm water. For thorough hygiene, you can then follow up with a few sprays of disinfectant toy cleaner.