Pillow Talk Nub Cock Rings Set of 3

Pillow TalkSKU: PLT-1152

Sale price£4.99


  • 3 stretchy sizes
  • Made from a body safe material
  • Nubs for extra sensation
  • Discreet size
  • Sizes: 1 (D)/ 1 (D)/ 1.25 (D) inches

Run rings around your partner with the Nub Cock Rings Set of 3 from Pillow Talk. The ideal accessory for users looking to maintain harder erections, experiment with the rings to find out which of the three sizes will keep you up all night. You can also try out various combinations by placing the rings around the penis shaft or testicles for arousing constriction.

This set of 3 rings are made from a stretchy body-safe material meaning they adapt to fit the base of your penis. This accessory is also designed with added nubs for a dramatically intense climactic experience.

The ideal bedroom accessory, this set of three cock rings is great at improving stamina during intercourse. While their discreet size allows them to be easily slipped on during sex or for added pleasure during a solo session. So, you and a partner can enjoy the long-lasting effects of the Nub Cock Rings.

Use these products alongside a good quality water-based lubricant. These rings are easy to clean in warm soapy water or a specialised sex toy cleaner.

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