Pillow Talk Adjustable Nipple Clamp Chain

Pillow TalkSKU: PLT-1160

Sale price£8.99


  • Adjustable crocodile clips
  • Screw pin
  • Chain feature for weight play
  • PVC coated tips
  • Size: Chain- 14.5 inches

No, we’re not yanking your chain…the Adjustable Nipple Clamp Chain really is as good as it looks! If nipple play turns you on, then this product could be a great next step for you. A must have accessory, adding these nipple clams to your regular routine could be a great way to spice up your sex life.

Turn up the pressure as you adjust the screw pins on the crocodile clips for an extra pinch of intensity. The nipple clamps are connected by a weighted chain which offers maximum arousal for you and a partner. Gentle tugs on the chain can provide a tantalising experience leading you to an immense orgasm.

This accessory is the perfect new addition to your sex toy collection and adds a fun new dimension to your sex life.

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