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  • 20 Coupons
  • Book of sex positions to be redeemed whenever you fancy
  • Ideal stocking filler or birthday gift
  • Featuring cheque book style stubs
  • Size: 17 cm x 7.2 cm x 0.3 cm

The perfect gift for someone who has it all, these SEX! Coupons are guaranteed to leave your lover at your disposal. Who said the perfect gift doesn’t exist? Designed to strike the perfect balance between giving and receiving, this coupon book features 20 sexual favours that your lover can redeem when you’re feeling generous.

Designed with check book style stubs, fill out and tear off each coupon to remember who redeemed it and when. Each coupon offers a unique sexual position, allowing you to get creative as you open yourself up to new realms of spontaneity and pleasure.

Featuring positions such as Raised Rapture and Flying Buttress, you’ll want to make sure you’ve limbered up before attempting these challenging yet satisfying positions. These sex coupons are also wonderful stocking fillers, perfect for valentines day and a great gift for brides-to-be. Give this gift to your partner and turn any special occasion into a day that encourages intimacy and brings about couples bonding.

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