Skins Condoms Bubblegum

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Size: 12 Pack
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  • Available in Packs of 4 & 12
  • No latex smell
  • Clear, thin condoms
  • Natural feel
  • Extra lubricated
  • Contains natural latex
  • Ingredients: 100% latex, silicone-based lubricant
Give them a POP of a excitement with the tantalising scent of fruity bubblegum. The high grade latex is infused with the scent of bubblegum, for a long lasting and delightful scent that adds a new sensation to sex.

12 pack of Skins Condoms in Blow Me Bubblegum Flavour Individually wrapped for ease of use. Skins Flavoured Condoms are made using premium quality natural latex for a clear, natural feeling, strong condom. So thin they feel like a second skin! Never go in without a Skin!

Skins Bubblegum Condoms have a length of 190mm, nominal width of 52mm. When used correctly, Skins Natural Condoms greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, although no method of contraception can give you 100% protection. Please read the leaflet.

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