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Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs


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  • Designed to fit any door
  • No installation required
  • Includes: 2 wrist/ ankle cuffs attached to 2 door straps
  • Material: Velboa fabric, polypropylene webbing, nickel-free hardware, plastic Strap
  • Length: 8.5 inch (approx.)

Give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘behind closed doors’ with the Door Jam Cuffs from Sportsheets. Perfect for portable play, this accessory is guaranteed to be your new favourite travel companion as it is designed to fit over the top of any door! Simply slide the straps over the top and close the door to indulge in some sensuous, restrictive fun.

Designed with two faux-fur lined wrist cuffs this accessory provides users with secure yet comfortable play, allowing you to enjoy a long steamy session without any discomfort. Place your lover’s hands above their head or slide this accessory underneath the door to restrict their ankle movement.

Tubular ends keep the door straps firmly in place without causing any damage. As no installation is required this item is ideal for use both at home and away.