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Sportsheets Sincerely Spontaneous Lace Paddle

SKU E27834

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Water Sun and shade Video play misting


Spanker or Tickler



51% polyurethane, 32% polyester, 10% fiberglass, 5% nylon, 2% spandex


12 Inches


Sturdy Handle and Soft Lace Fabric

Sincerely Spontaneous Lace Paddle By Sportsheets

Add rousing new dimensions to foreplay with the Sincerely Lace Paddle from Sportsheets. Shrouded in a luxurious lace like material, this tantalizing paddle is soft against your skin meaning you’ll enjoy maximum pleasure with at most a little redness.

Perfect for light impact play, this 12 inch paddle is a wonderful way for beginners to explore the world of bondage. Featuring a lengthy, wide-ended handle with a wrist loop, this accessory enables you to easily control the intensity of every strike whilst ensuring it’s securely attached.

Whether you’re a beginner or bondage enthusiast, this paddle is all about the sound as a resounding smack echoes through the air with every spank. A wonderful way to spice up your sex life, this paddle is sure to have your partner submitting to your every command.