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Sportsheets Sincerely Pearl Chain Nipple Clips


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  • Featuring a stunning pearl connector chain
  • Designed with rubber coated clips
  • Ideal for bondage play
  • Material: 40% plastic, 30% nickel free metal, 11% copper, 11% stannum, 8% rubber
  • Size: 16 inch

Quench your insatiable thirst for nipple play with the Sincerely Pearl Chain Nipple Clips from Sportsheets. Designed to provide users with a pleasurable pinch, this accessory fits on either side of the nipple to directly stimulate the nerve endings.

The soft rubber tips allow you to feel the sharp grasp of gratification without causing any discomfort and provide you or your lover with the perfect amount of pressure. Elegantly connected with a pearl embellished chain, this product dangles across the chest leaving you all the more alluring to your partner. For added sensuality give the chain a gentle tug as you indulge in some light pressure play.

The tweezer-style clamps ensure that proper pressure is applied and is only as uncomfortable as you and your lover desire. Perfect for both beginners and advanced users, the Sincerely Pearl Nipple Clamps are the perfect bondage accessory to introduce into foreplay.