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The Sportsheet King Size Bed Sheet Restraints By Sportsheets

SKU E21038

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Polyester, nylon, ABS plastic, polypropylene, hook & loop, nickel-free metal, neoprene




King Size Bed Sheet


Freedom to choose where the Velcro pads are positioned to give you ultimate control no matter what your needs

The Sportsheet King Size Bed Sheet Restraint By Sportsheets

Offering more versatility than the average bed restraints, the King Size Bed Sheet from Sportsheets allows you to tailor this product to suit your needs. Explore a range of positions by adjusting the placement of the velcro pads and enjoy firm restriction with ease.

This super-soft bed sheet stretches to fit over your mattress and instantly turns your bed into an instrument of pleasure. Made from a luxurious velcro compatible fabric, this fleecy sheet is so soft you’ll never want to take it off. Including 4 hook & loop velcro anchor pads, these pads adhere seamlessly to any part of the bed sheet making the King Size Bed Sheet ideal for beginners looking to explore the world of BDSM.

The four included sportcuffs attach to the anchor pads and are easy to secure around your wrists and ankles. Whether you’re dominant or submissive in the bedroom, this rousing accessory will enable you to indulge in the deep sensuality of restrictive play. The cuffs can also be connected together at the d-loop or used on their own allowing you to get creative with when and how you use them.

These heavy-duty anchor pads securely lock onto the sheet fabric and cannot be easily pulled off by force, but neatly peel away in an instant from any of its corners. Designed to also be compatible with waterbeds, the bedsheet has 4 straps that secure under the mattress.

To ensure thorough hygiene, this product is machine washable.